What is Post Excerpt in WordPress SEO?

Do you want to know how to make appealing archive pages? And how can you increase the number of people who click on your posts or pages? Make a point of writing brief and appealing excerpts for each post or page. The excerpt should serve as a teaser to entice readers to read your entire post.

The significance of using excerpt

Is there any disadvantage to including an excerpt on your pages? What about content that is duplicated? We talk about how important it is to use excerpts.

WordPress SEO is all about answering the following question:

“What is the significance of using the excerpt?” Isn’t this considered duplicate content by Google?”

Excerpts are essential for WordPress posts. They are short excerpts from your posts that you can use on your homepage or elsewhere. The more refined the excerpt, the faster your website will load. Furthermore, your SEO may improve, and the snippet may be the deciding factor in convincing users to read your article.

How to add post excerpt?

To include an excerpt in your blog post, navigate to Posts >> Add New or simply edit an existing post. Now, on the right options panel, select Excerpt and enter the excerpt for your posts. When you’re finished, click the Publish/Update button to save your changes.


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