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If you are an Website designer, ISV, cloud reseller, managed hosting platform, or managed service provider, we’ll give you the resources you need to grow your business and support your clients. We offer simple but powerful infrastructure solutions, partner-specific incentives, and access to our tech expert community.

2. Help your startups grow faster with US

Are you a venture capital firm, a startup accelerator, or another startup-supporting organization? Become a Hatch partner and use our platform, tools, resources, and vibrant startup community to help your entrepreneurs scale their businesses. We’ll also pay a 50% discount for the first 12-month infrastructure credit.

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Leverage Managed-WP.™ to accelerate your passive income with a lifetime recurring income model.

Host fantastic websites on a managed platform designed for digital agencies, developers, and eCommerce businesses, with 24/7/365 support.

3. Dedicated Support

Dedicated account managers and resources to ensure you earn high income on a consistent basis.

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We’d love to support your work, whether you’re an agency, accelerator, or app developer, or if you’re in charge of your clients’ cloud solutions. Please join us in enabling the next generation of modern applications—as well as empowering the big ideas and creators behind them.