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1. Your Own SEO Team

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SEO is a multi-faceted, complicated marketing activity. That’s why we assembled a full team of experts with specialized skills who are all committed to helping your website rank higher in search engines.

We are your SEO Manager + Content Writer + SEO Strategist + Senior Content Writer + WordPress Developer

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2. Every month, improvements are made.

Your dedicated SEO team goes into optimization mode, creating and publishing new content to support your keyword strategy and continuously optimizing your website.

3. Content Creation on Demand

Your dedicated SEO team goes into optimization mode, creating and publishing new content every month to support your keyword strategy and continuously optimise your website.

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4. Monthly PERFORMANCE Reporting

You’ll get a monthly report that shows how your search engine rankings and traffic have risen over time. Regular monthly calls with your dedicated SEO Manager ensure that your strategy is in line with your objectives and that you are targeting the most impactful keywords available.

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Features Included in EVERY Plan

FeatureEvery SEO plan includes everything you need to see ranking improvements in search engines like Google.s Included in EVERY Plan

  • Onboarding – A one-on-one consultation with your SEO manager to walk you through the criteria form and assist you in determining the best SEO strategy for you.
  • Keyword Research – Expert evaluation of your objectives to find the optimal keywords to target in order to grow your qualified, targeted traffic.
  • Search Engine Submission – After optimizing your site for SEO, we submit it directly to search engines to ensure that it is swiftly and successfully indexed.
  • Setup of SEO Plugin – We install and set up an advanced SEO plugin to assist lay the groundwork for continuous website optimizations and upgrades.
  • Sitemap Audit – We review your robot.txt file to ensure all pages on your site can be easily crawled by search engines going forward.
  • Setup of Google Analysis 4 (GA4) – We install and configure Google Analytics on your website to track and analyse traffic and user behaviour as a result of SEO improvements.
  • Setup of Google Search Console – We install Search Console to ensure accurate Google listings and to provide insight into your site’s ranking performance over time.
  • Setup of Google Tag Manager – Track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications, as well as your advertising ROI.
  • 404 Page – We generate a 404 page for your website to assist search engines in properly treating error pages when a link fails to resolve.
  • Page Optimization – We analyze essential pages on your website on a regular basis and, where necessary, update content and keywords to help increase search engine relevancy.
  • Keyword Optimization – We constantly assess the keywords you select to ensure that our efforts are focused on where they will be most effective and efficient in increasing qualified traffic.
  • Monthly Report -Get frequent updates on how your website ranks on Google. Track your progress and utilize the information to fine-tune your plan over time.
  • Custom Content Creation – Every month, we write 400+ word original blog entries for your website to boost relevancy.
  • Snippets & Google Schema – We optimize how your website appears in search results to increase the likelihood that potential visitors will see and click on it.
  • Broken Link Monitoring & Repairing – We identify and repair any broken links on your website so that search engines don’t mistakenly label it as broken or harmful.
  • Image Alt Tags – We analyze your website’s photos and add Alt Tags where necessary to increase your website’s accessibility and search relevancy.
  • PR Backlinking (Optional Upgrade) – We write personalized press releases that include a link to your website. This might boost your domain authority with Google and help you rank better in search engines.
  • Third-Party Linking (Optional Upgrade) – We include links to your website in both new and current third-party publications. This is a more advanced form of link building that aims to increase domain authority in order to support more aggressive growth goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to all of the different things you can do to help your website rank higher in relevant search engine results such as Google. Some of the work entails website improvements and optimizations, such as increasing page speed, inserting relevant keywords throughout your content, and improving your sitemap. Other activities may include assisting in the generation of links to your website from other external websites in order to increase the authority of your domain.

The higher your website ranks in search engine result pages, the more likely it is that people will find and visit it. If you want to attract a specific audience or type of person, it’s critical that your website appears in relevant search results for those people! SEO is one of the most important marketing activities you can invest in to drive long-term traffic growth to your website.

We make it simple! After you purchase an SEO plan, your dedicated SEO Manager will introduce themselves and send you a questionnaire to help us learn more about your company and goals. We then create a comprehensive SEO strategy and go over it with you one-on-one to ensure that our SEO efforts are focused on the areas where you can see the most growth. We invest a significant amount of time in the initial optimization of your website software for SEO, and then we continuously implement tactics and new content informed by your SEO strategy. You will receive a monthly report summarizing the work completed and the improvements to your rankings and traffic, and we will review your strategy with you on a regular basis to ensure that we are always maximizing the potential of your website.

All of our SEO plans require a 3-month commitment. Unlike paid advertising, SEO takes time to produce results, but the benefits last much longer. SEO also necessitates time and attention to detail. Unlike many other digital marketing firms, we do not perform shady optimizations that endanger your website’s reputation or credibility. SEO is a long-term investment that produces long-term organic traffic growth when done correctly.

It all depends! Some keywords are more difficult to rank for than others, depending on your competition. We almost always guarantee that your website will be ranked for search terms that will drive relevant traffic to it. Your SEO Manager will conduct extensive research to identify keywords where you can make the most progress, and will provide estimates for when the ranking will be achieved.

Our SEO team is from Dayella LTD, a leading Marketing and Technologies company in HK and UK, and has extensive industry knowledge. We seek long-term partnerships with clients who are serious about ranking and developing a content strategy. You can now relax and let us handle everything, allowing you to focus on your business.

Every month, you will receive a detailed report on the SEO performance of your website. This includes a summary of the activity, as well as information about your site’s traffic and ranking improvements for target keywords. This allows you to easily keep track of how your website is performing in search engines and increasing traffic as a result!

The purpose of SEO is to always get the right eyes on the correct piece of content. An SEO specialist assists in driving traffic through more organic sources, such as search engines, through targeted optimization, technological tune-ups, and continuous modifications to these things.

SEO would struggle if there was no content, whether it was web pages, blogs, product descriptions, articles, or even photographs and videos. SEO cannot function in isolation; it requires content to help match those precise search queries using keywords.

After all, those “How Does SEO Work?” results do not emerge by accident; there are real humans on the other end, assisting a search engine in better understanding how to categorize material.

Content marketing is exactly what it sounds like: marketing with content. It serves as the foundation for all types of digital marketing campaigns. That blog article from last week can be shared on social media, but the true rocket fuel of most content marketing is the SEO work done in the background.

However, having good SEO does not imply that your content should be mediocre. SEO is not a magic potion that repairs terrible blogs and websites and miraculously places them on page one of search results.

Quality is one of several factors that search engines assess when evaluating content. There isn’t enough SEO in the world to correct content marketing that contains errors, inconsistencies, or is badly written.

You must create content that will appeal to your unique target audience, content that will deliver a solution or enjoyment to a searcher.

Create Content with Search Engines in Mind.
It entails being aware of how a search engine operates. A search engine attempts to determine the topic of a page or blog before cataloging it.

In terms of content marketing, this could imply segmenting your material into separate topic groups, each as narrowly focused as possible.

Maintain Constant Content

Although this is primarily a content marketing strategy, SEO is included. The frequency with which you publish new content is one of the factors that search engines consider. This is wonderful for a blog or site that gets regular updates, but establishing a content publication plan can be extremely beneficial if you’ve been slacking or are just getting started with content creation.

Each new post not only indicates that you are still writing and relevant, but also adds more possible themes and keywords to your list of traffic-generating searches. With more articles created on a variety of topics and subtopics, you will gain authority.

Where SEO comes in is in ensuring that your site’s content is balanced and that you do not depend too much on one aspect of your business while disregarding others that require attention.

Have SEO and Content Marketing at the Same Time.

To provide users with relevant, attention-grabbing material, content and SEO must collaborate. If you have a wonderful product, you must provide user-friendly content. This necessitates a robust SEO approach. SEO should be a significant component of the planning that goes into creating a proper content marketing strategy; it should not be an afterthought or an option. Is it content marketing if no one can see it?

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