What is Admin Bar in WordPress?

If you are logged in as the admin of your site, you will see a Gray bar at the top of your screen. This is called the Admin Bar and is only visible to anyone who is logged in. The Admin bar provides various options and easy access to your site. Site. When logged in as admin, the Admin bar will have the following items a WordPress icon that contains information about WordPress along with support and contact forums.

If you have multiple sites on a network, you can access them under My Sites, which gives you some quick links that will take you to the dashboard for that site as well as the new post page. Comments and the site itself. Next to My Sites is the site you are currently on and lists similar options to help you quickly navigate your site. This icon takes you directly to the comments page for the current blog and shows you the number of pending comments that need to be approved. The Add New icon takes you to the corresponding page in the list below to add or create new items.

On the right end of the Admin bar is your profile name and avatar icon. From here, you can either edit your profile or log out. Lastly, there will be a search icon that, when clicked on, allows you to search for any post or page on your site.

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