How to Manage Uploaded Media and Files in WordPress Media Library

The Media Library is where you can manage all of your images, audio, videos, and documents in one location. To access your Media Library, go to your dashboard and select Media.

Insert Media
When you add images and other media to your pages and posts, they will also show up in your Media. You can also directly upload files to your Media folder for use in your pages and posts. There are two ways to accomplish this: adding files from your computer and adding via URL.

Upload Files From Your Computer
Click Add New in the Media Library.
Choose the media files you want to upload from your computer and click upload or open (the name of the button varies depending on the browser).

Add Files from the Internet
To add a file via URL, first click the chevron (down arrow icon) next to Add New, then click Add via URL.
Copy the media file’s URL and paste it into the field, then click Upload.

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