How to Manage Comments in WordPress?

Depending on your current settings for your comments, you may need to approve them before they are visible on your site. You will see a notification with the number of pending comments in both your side and admin bar. Click on either of these to take you to to the Comments page. Here, you will be able to see all of your comments, whether they are pending or approved. You can filter them by clicking on the options here.

To approve a comment, simply Hover over it and click Approve. You can always unapprove a comment that you have already approved. If you wish, you can also reply to a comment from this page. Just hit Reply on the comment, type in your response and hit Reply. You can designate a comment as Spam or send it to the Trash, which will put the item in the corresponding filter.

Clicking Edit allows you to change any aspect of the comment, like the author’s information, the comment itself, and its current status. Click Update if you make any edits or you can move the comment to the Trash. When a comment is in the Trash, you can still restore it. Deleting it permanently comes gets rid of the post from your site.

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