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The most popular website platform currently on the web is WordPress. More than a quarter of the websites on the Internet are built on it, it is by far the most common CMS in the world. It's strong, quick to use, and because of its success, bots and hackers out there like to screw things up.

But do not worry. Although the following plugins cannot guarantee 100 percent unhackable. The following will significantly reduce the risk of your website being hacked or injected with malware. Here is a list of the best WordPress protection plugins that can come in handy for you if you are an active WordPresser and want to safeguard your WordPress website.

1. Sucuri Security


A great security monitoring tool for WordPress websites is Sucuri Security. Combined with a free WordPress plugin, this web-based tool defends the website against evil codes, viruses, HTA hacks, and many other nuisances. Sucuri's distinguishing attribute is posting hack protection behavior. If you feel like your website has been compromised, then Sucuri can assist you with these actions-use security keys, reset passwords for users, and rest plugins for WordPress security.

2. All In One WP Security and Firewall

This user-friendly protection plugin for WordPress comes with a simple interface to use. All In One WP Security and Firewall offers a functionality for login lockout that blocks the IP address of hackers who have attempted to access your website. The plugin uses cookie based on login access. You have to create a hidden word for the plugin in this. Using this word, a special URL is automatically created. The cookie of which is deposited on your device. You can login to the dashboard as usual, but another user who does not know the special URL will not be able to try to log in.

3. WebARX Security

For WordPress security, WebARX is an all-in-one platform. It is certainly more than just a WordPress plugin, since every PHP application is protected by WebARX Security and is regarded as a complete solution. With WebARX, you can manage protection through a single platform on all your WordPress pages. You can avoid malware infections and attacks.

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4. Block Bad Queries (BBQ)

Another great tool for stopping injection-related attacks on WordPress websites is Block Bad Queries (BBQ). The WordPress group has critically acclaimed it as it blocks most attacks on a website. This is why it has excellent ratings and is rapidly becoming popular as a security plugin for WordPress.

5. Defender Security

Defender Security is a highly reputable security plugin for WordPress by WPMUDEV. In many ways, the plugin safeguards your domain, including preventing brute force attacks, SQL injections, and XSS cross-site scripting. The plugin basically takes care of everything you need to harden the protection of your website so that you can concentrate on other important stuff.

6. iThemes Security

iThemes Protection is a premium security plugin for WordPress which protects websites by blocking suspicious users and preventing attacks by brute force. To protect your WordPress site and server, it comes with more than 30+ options. It identifies bots, attempts made by hackers, and overcomes vulnerabilities found. The plugin watches the file system for unauthorized modifications (a common issue at bad hosts). Using password defense, iThemes Security enhances security and further implements SSL certificates.

In iThemes, there is a unique option called 'Away Mode' which allows you to disable access to the dashboard for a set period by activating this mode. If you don't need to login to the dashboard, you can activate this mode for the time of day.

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7. Wordfense Security

Here is another excellent plugin that prevents a number of bugs and hacks from your WordPress website. Wordfence has a mobile phone sign-in option to ensure that only genuine users can access the dashboard (premium version only). Currently, this is a two-factor authentication method of providing the user account with safe access. Provide Wordfence with your cell phone number and allow the cell phone sign-in feature. If you attempt to log in to your account, Wordfence will give you a verification code to be used to sign in.

8. Virusdie

Virusdie helps webmasters automatically clean up malware from their websites, as well as secure their websites from XSS attacks and SQL injections from online threats. It also mitigates DoS attacks and defends against malicious behavior on their sites. Using a special sync file uploaded to the root directory of a user's website, Virusdie connects to the user's servers over HTTP/HTTPS. The sync file helps to provide you with an antivirus website (automatic removal of malware) and real-time file management. The sync file also helps to upload special software (Virusdie Website Firewall, a firewall for a web application) to your websites to protect them from virus.

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9. Bulletproof Security

Do you want to have a proficient, all-in-one security solution for WordPress? With Bulletproof Security, you can't go wrong. This excellent tool lets you do it all from a single location. The maintainer of this module (AITPro) has obviously done a fine job of aligning diversified security activities on one platform. It provides protection for databases, login security, security for firewalls, etc.

In addition, with only a four-click setup, it is simple to set up. It includes a working configuration panel with links to a detailed document that will act as a guide to help you understand how the scans and security settings work.

10. Astra Security Suite

Astra Security Suite is a fantastic addition to this list of safety plugins for WordPress. In a very short period of time, it is a premium plugin that has gained a lot of attention. The plugin is designed to block more than 100 kinds of threats that could damage your business. It also protects your website from spam and bots that block traffic to your website.

Is it necessary to have WordPress firewall plugin protection?

A WordPress website's protection is a primary concern for any Internet user. WordPress could be at risk if the hosting environment is not covered. WordPressers shall always host their websites with a security-conscious host. We hope that this article has helped you find your website's best WordPress SEO plugins and software.

Your WordPress site has been hacked?

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