How to Save your idea before Publish in WordPress?

WordPress Post Status Is Draft
Post status is an editorial tool in WordPress that tells WordPress the stage of a blog post during editing. For example, ‘draft’ posts are unfinished, ‘pending review’ posts require editing, and ‘published’ posts are publicly visible on your website.


When you begin writing a new post, WordPress will save a draft of your work. This autosave is temporarily saved in your WordPress database.

When you click the ‘Save draft’ button, a new revision of your post is saved so you can go back and fix any mistakes.

In your WordPress admin area, you can see which posts are drafts and which are published by going to Posts » All Posts and Pages » All Pages.

How to Schedule or Publish a Draft Post
Your user role determines whether you can publish or schedule a post. Administrators and editors can, by default, publish posts written by anyone, and authors can publish their own posts. You can tailor the capabilities of each user role to your blog’s workflow.

By clicking the ‘Publish’ button at the top of the editor screen, you can publish a post. The post will be published immediately by default.

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