How to Restore a Post in WordPress

WordPress Posts Can Be Restored
Here are a few methods for recovering deleted posts:

Check the trash if you accidentally deleted a post. Perhaps the post is still there. Simply go to Trash and restore each post.

#Method 1: How to recover or restore deleted WordPress posts from the trash?

phpMyAdmin can also be used to recover deleted WordPress posts. Many web hosting packages include phpMyAdmin, which you can use to manage your databases.

#Method 2: phpMyAdmin can be used to recover deleted posts.

phpMyAdmin automates routine tasks such as creating tables, inserting and deleting rows, and, most importantly, backing up and restoring databases.

Launch phpMyAdmin, navigate to the posts table, and click on it. If your site has a large number of posts, you may want to increase the number of rows you’re looking at, which is currently set to 300.

If you scroll down to your missing post, you’ll notice that there are several revisions available. Select the correct date and then press the pencil (edit). The original content of the missing post is now visible. Simply copy and paste the content into your site.

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