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Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Ecommerce [FREE & PAID] in 2022

Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Ecommerce [FREE & PAID] in 2022 cover

WordPress Plugins for eCommerce are efficient for adding extra functionality to your online store. Ecommerce plugins are suitable for adding exceptional attributes that perform a prolonged function in a blink.

With the right usage, these extensions can increase the sales of an e-commerce business. Let's know some of the WordPress plugins that have been ruling the e-commerce industry lately.

Important WordPress Plugins

WordPress for E-commerce websites can be both paid and unpaid. Regardless of cost, they have genuine features to ease out relevant functionalities. Here's a list of the same.

#1 WPForms Lite – Drag & Drop Form Builder (PAID)

The first of all the useful plugins for E-commerce is WPForms Lite. It allows you to make feedback forms, contact forms, payment forms, and more.

The drag and drop option of the plugin makes it easy to create contact forms for a website. Besides, the WordPress Form plugin has an efficient user interface with endless features.

  • Helps to create mobile-friendly and responsive forms
  • Holds pre-built form templates
  • Enclosed with an instant contact form notification system to respond to queries
  • Helps to create different forms like signature forms, registration forms, donation forms, booking forms, etc.
  • Displays the information regarding users location

#2 Login Lockdown: WordPress Login Plugins(FREE)

To ensure the adequate safety of a WordPress website, having strong credentials is very important. Login lockdown is a login plugin that restricts the number of login attempts from any particular IP address at a given time. At present, on three failed login attempts, the IP address gets blocked for one hour. Some of its features involve the below

  • Retains brute force password discovery
  • The attempts and restrictions can be modified through the options panel.
  • The plugin defaults within 5 minutes after wrong attempts

#3 Envira Gallery: Create a Responsive and beautiful gallery (PAID)

For websites that hold numerous images, this gallery plugin is a must-have. It is a drag and drop plugin highly optimized for fast web performance. The extension allows you to include metadata, pagination, and deep links inside the galleries. By such means, the site navigation becomes easier, and it becomes convenient to use. This user-friendly plugin is enclosed with numerous effective attributes

  • Helps to create albums, organize photos, and select cover photos
  • Allows social sharing photos on different platforms
  • Holds video galleries to add videos from platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  • Provides attractive WordPress templates for modification
  • Mobile friendly and password protected for unauthorized access
  • Allows slideshows, pagination, deep linking, and image proofing
  • Woocommerce integration to display and sell the photos to renowned e-commerce platforms

#4 LiveChat – Conversational Marketing Chat Tool (PAID)

Live Chat, as the name suggests, is an efficient and popular live chat tool presently. They can be the perfect pick if you are looking to step into conversational marketing. The plugins work by rendering attractive live chat support for your eCommerce business. It retains the addition of a standard chatbox. Let's take a look into some of its features

  • Mobile responsive and works on other devices like tablets, laptops, etc
  • It can be easily integrated with other tools and software for marketing.
  • Speeds up the loading time
  • Provides a satisfactory user experience
  • It consists of a survey feature to improve services

#5 Broken Link Checker – Broken Link Checking Software (FREE)

Be it internal or external links; a website is likely to face broken links every now and then. Thus, to avoid such scenarios, this plugin is a great option.

A broken link checker is an outstanding extension for E-commerce as it checks for any broken links and informs you about the same. The automated scan features work wonders for blogs. It can check pages, comments, posts, blogs, and custom fields for broken links. Here's more to it

  • Identifies links that do not work on pictures or images
  • Helps in the management of email notifications
  • Retains search engines to redirect on a broken link

#6 MonsterInsights Lite – WordPress Google Analytics Plugin (PAID)

MonsterInsights Lite is one of the best WordPress Google Analytics plugins. Through this extension, your WordPress e-commerce website gets easily connected to Google Analytics accounts. This data manifests how users reached the website, things they do, and entities that bring them back to the website. Let's dig into its features

  • Helps to track e-commerce stats
  • Enclosed with universal tracking where you will get the data counts even if the user switches platform
  • Shows which contents are getting more visits
  • It makes Google Analytics GDPR compliance effortless
  • Allows the publishers to track Google Adsense Ads performance
  • Combined with affiliate link tracking for affiliate marketers

#7 OptinMonster –WordPress Lead Generation Plugin (PAID)

For lead generation, the foremost choice for an e-commerce website is OptinMonster. With this plugin, you can get more leads and increase sales for your business. It helps to increase conversion and makes your website better than competitors. The plugin is enclosed with the following interesting features

  • Easy to use for its drag and drop feature
  • Turns any image or link to optin for better conversion
  • Can increase conversion rate to 785%
  • Exit-intent technology turns deserted visitors into email subscribers
  • Holds geolocation targeting feature

#8 Really Simple SSL – Awesome SSL Tool (FREE)

Really Simple SSL tool is an outstanding SSL tool that discovers the settings and builds the website for running on HTTP. It is a lightweight plugin that is easy to use.

The automatic redirection feature transfers the old URLs to secure sites. It also handles everything involved during the migration process of your website to HTTP.

#9 WP Social Ninja: Best All-in-one Social Media Plugin (PAID)

WP Social Ninja renders user reviews, social feeds, and social chat widgets to the website. The powerful tool has the potency to replace at least three separate tools to execute the work. WP Social Ninja is considered sturdy for its efficient features. Here's a glimpse of the same

  • Allows you to display the reviews that you want to exhibit
  • Filters the minimum rating and keep five stars at the top
  • You can filter the reviews by title
  • Enclosed with CTA to ask for more user reviews

#10 WP Fluent Form: Fastest Contact Form Builder (PAID)

WP Fluent forms are one of the swiftest contact form builders with an easy user interface. The drag and drop feature of the plugin makes it a must-have for e-commerce business owners. It assists you in making easy contact forms, WP forms, and subscription forms for your website. Besides, it also has amazing features like

  • Helps to create super-fast contact forms
  • Secured with conversational form style
  • Holds in-built data analysis tool
  • It has a multi-column form layout with an easy user interface
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive
  • Conditional logic that displays and hides certain sections as per user behavior
  • Provides notification when a user fills up a form

#11 Instagram Feed -Top WordPress Instagram Plugin (FREE)

Instagram feed is a plugin that can display Instagram account posts from single or multiple feeds. It is easy to set up and mobile-friendly for users. The extension is also secured with features like

  • Allows you to customize the height, width, number of photos, columns, etc.
  • Permits customization of feeds through shortcodes
  • Combined with a "Follow on Instagram" button
  • Allows you to add posts from other Instagram accounts
  • It can be used to show your photos and redirect the user to your social media handle

#12 Paymattic (Know as WPPayForm) – Smart WordPress Payment Plugin (PAID)

WPPayForm is enclosed with outstanding features like stripe checkout and in-built form builder. The plugins allow you to create forms for both single and multiple payments. It is combined with effortless and standard payment forms where customers can pay money in a blink. Also, it prevents the user from going to another page during payment. To mention its features, WPPayForm is secured with:

  • Endless payment forms
  • Accepts money through Stripe
  • Mobile-Friendly forms and stripe checkout pages
  • Supports more than 14 languages
  • Provides multiple services on the same page
  • Accessible in more than 30 countries.
  • Accepts more than 135 currencies

#13 UpdraftPlus – Best Backup Tool for WordPress (FREE)

Backups can be a lifesaver for a website when attacked by hackers. Speaking of which, UpdraftsPlus is a renowned plugin for file and database backup. It works by reserving the files into the cloud and restoring them with a click. The extension is also filled with the following attributes

  • Allows you to store the backup in cloud services like Dropbox, Amazon S3, and Google Drive.
  • Sends you notification once the backup completes
  • Automatically backs up the website files and database

#14 All in One SEO – WordPress SEO Plugin (PAID)

In terms of WordPress SEO plugins, All in One SEO is the best of all. With over 2 million users, the plugin has already become everyone's favorite. It consists of effective attributes to increase the SEO ranking of a website. Also, its features are optimized for well-known search engines, including Google. Here is the list of features that makes this extension so renowned

  • It makes it easy to set up WordPress SEO as per industry needs
  • Creates meta tags automatically
  • Integrated with Semrush for additional keyphrases
  • Enclosed with WooCommerce SEO
  • Keep's sitemaps updated and notify search engines when any changes are made
  • Helps in optimization of posts through suitable schema markup

#15 SeedProd – Landing Page Builder Plugin (PAID)

SeedProd is the perfect landing page builder plugin for altering and designing the landing page of a website. It is secured with a drag and drop feature where you can create attractive pages within seconds without any coding. Some of its other suitable features include the following

  • Holds pre-built layouts or sections for CTAs and headers
  • It consists of blocks for only landing page without any fluff
  • Provides efficient subscriber management
  • It is responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Protects the landing pages from bots and spams

#16 Easy Google Fonts: Best Google Font Plugin (FREE)

Easy Google Fonts is an effective plugin that adds custom Google fonts to a website time without any coding. It is integrated with a WordPress customizer to display Google fonts on the website. It is easy to use with the availability of more than 600 fonts. With this extension, you will be able to personalize fonts and add style sheets.

#17 WP Product Review – Best Product Review Plugin (PAID)

If you are looking for a product review plugin, then WP product review is worth a choice. That's because the extensions work on easy importing. Through this feature, you can automatically access the name, image, cost, and affiliate link of the product from platforms like Amazon. It also modifies and creates comparison tables through the prior reviews.

#18 Sucuri – Top Security Tool (PAID)

To keep your website safe, it's best to secure it with the top security tool. Sucuri allows you to clean and protect websites from any hacks or attacks. It enhances the performance of the page through highly optimized CDN.

The plugin also recognizes the indicators of compromise with distinct alerting options. With this extension, you will get premium response SLAs and endless malware removal.

#19 Print, PDF, Email by PrintFriendly – Fantastic PDF & Print Tool (FREE)

If you hold a website where you want to allow the viewers to print PDFs, then it's best to choose this plugin. Print, PDF, Email by PrintFriendly holds helpful features where visitors can see your content and print it in a suitable format. It also allows users to share the content through email. Some of its features include

  • Attractive and polished intuitive UI/UX for end-users
  • Customize and modify the pdf editable preview
  • Pretty fast and reliable
  • Allows custom branding

#20 Smush – Top WordPress Image Optimization Plugin (FREE)

Smush is a plugin by which you can optimize images. It helps you to resize, enhance, and compress the images for better speed of Google pages. Smush executes all the work without losing any quality. With this extension, the websites rank higher and work at an optimal speed. The image optimization plugin uses it's personal Smush servers that further decreases any strain and over usage of resources.

Are WordPress Free Plugins Safe to Use?

Yes, it is. WordPress free plugins come from the official WordPress repository. It is a plugin directory from WordPress that holds only high-quality and reliable extensions. They conduct a thorough screening process before adding the plugins to their list.

However, if you are using the plugin from a third-party source, we would suggest you do the following

  • Look for statistics like active installs, updates, versions, and ratings before choosing a plugin.
  • Ensure that it has a support option for help
  • Test your website speed before and after its installation
  • Research the developer (if possible) to prevent any code quality blunders.

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