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Stop Struggling – Let Us Host Your Videos

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Hosting videos on your own website can be a major pain. Between limited bandwidth, multiple file formats, and complicated embed codes, it's enough to give any web admin a headache. At, we make video hosting easy and seamless. Read on to see why you should let the experts at take care of hosting your videos.

Main Points:

  • Hosting videos requires a lot of bandwidth. Your web host likely doesn't provide enough to stream videos smoothly, especially if multiple people are watching. Our robust CDN(powered by Cloudflare) means your videos play perfectly every time.
  • You'll need to convert your videos into multiple formats like MP4, WebM, and OGG for cross-browser support. We take care of encoding so your videos work on any device.
  • Embedding videos takes special code and players. We provide simple embed codes and optimized players so your videos integrate seamlessly into your site.
  • Mobile optimization is a must. We automatically create smaller lower-res versions of your videos for phones and tablets.
  • Protecting videos takes special configuration. Our service locks down your videos so they can only be played on your site, preventing piracy.
  • When you self-host, any server issues bring your whole site down. Our geo-distributed CDN means your site stays up even during peak traffic.

Stop wasting time trying to self-host videos.

Our managed WordPress hosting service makes it fast and easy. We handle encoding, optimization, embedding, security, and smooth playback so you can focus on your business. Sign up today to let the video experts at power your website videos!

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