How To Block IPs, Countries, and Regions from Accessing Your WordPress Website

How To Block IPs, Countries, and Regions from Accessing Your WordPress Website cover

In this article, we will learn how to filter out unwanted visitors from your website based on their IP addresses or locations. There are a number of reasons you may want to block certain IPs, countries, or regions, including:

  • Improving website performance
  • Complying with legal regulations
  • Targeting specific audiences
  • Preventing spam and fraud

However, it's important to note that blocking IPs and countries should not be considered a security measure, but rather just a performance optimization or business decision. You should not rely solely on blocking IPs and countries as a substitute for proper security practices.

Let's explore some methods for blocking IPs and countries in WordPress:

1. Using .htaccess

One option is to use the .htaccess file to block IPs and countries. The .htaccess file controls the Apache web server behavior. You can edit it to specify IP addresses or countries to block.

For example:

  • To block a single IP: Deny from
  • To block multiple IPs: Deny from
  • To block a range: Deny from
  • To block a country: Deny from CN

2. Using Cloudflare

If your site is behind Cloudflare, you can leverage its firewall rules to block IPs and countries. Just create a rule in the Firewall section, choosing the Country or IP Reputation condition, and setting the action to "Block".

While this is easy to configure, using Cloudflare may not be feasible if you already use another CDN. There could be compatibility issues.

3. Using WP-Firewall (recommend)

For WordPress sites, a good option is the WP-Firewall security plugin. WP-Firewall offers advanced firewall protection and includes country blocking functionality.

In the plugin, you can go to Firewall > Country Blocking and choose which countries to block or allow access to your site. WP-Firewall handles blocking traffic from those countries at the server level.

The benefits of using WP-Firewall include:

  • Simple configuration within WordPress admin
  • Advanced firewall protection in addition to country blocking
  • Actively updated rules for maximum security
  • No need to edit configuration files directly
  • Won't cause issues with CDNs or caching

WP-Firewall is a smart choice for blocking countries in WordPress while also strengthening your overall website security.

In summary, blocking countries and IPs in WordPress can provide benefits but should not replace comprehensive security efforts. Leverage tools like WP-Firewall for easiest configuration and robust protection.

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