How to Speed Up a Slow Elementor Website

How to Speed Up a Slow Elementor Website

Elementor is a drag-and-drop WordPress website builder that offers exceptional features to create a website easily. However, sometimes Elementor websites could slow down due to unnecessary website components or configuration issues. You may end up losing conversion rates, potential customers, and visitors. So here, we’ll understand how to increase your Elementor website speed.

Losing visitors means a drop in your rankings, fewer sales, and limited exposure. That's why it's important to fix the problem instantly.

You may be clueless about the right way to resolve the problem. However, we have got you covered. Let's find out how you could increase your Elementor website speed.

Common Reasons of a Slow Elementor Website

  • Media: An Elementor website could slow down due to images, videos, and other modules. Images that are large in size or placed on the header or footer are more likely to affect the website speed. So, ensure that the image size is less than 1 MB. Try using a suitable tool to compress the image size.
  • External Scripts: Excessive use of external scripts like Avatar pictures, Google Maps, or Facebook share may turn a website sluggish. You can disable the Font Awesome, Google Fonts, Eicons, etc., to resolve the issue.
  • Servers: Server-related elements like memory, bandwidth, etc., may lessen the website loading speed. It may also occur due to hosting services that are free or shared.
  • Unnecessary Plugins: Excess plugins could affect the website speed too. So, identify the plugins that you do not need. Delete or turn them off to enhance the website speed.
  • Theme: While it's uncommon, sometimes themes may be the culprit for a slow website speed. Make sure to change the themes and check the website speed. If it increases, then that theme may be the reason for the same.

1. Choose a Performance-Optimized Website Host to Increase Elementor Website Speed

A good website host offers fast website speed and quality services to users. Here's a list of come of them.


Managed WP (Managed WordPress) is a web hosting solution for WordPress websites. While using it, you may feel as if professional hosting experts are managing your website.

The host is efficient for small to medium-sized businesses and blogs with extensive user traffic. The integrated solution is both cost and effort-saving.

Pros of Managed-WP Host

  • Managed WordPress hosting servers are fast regardless of excessive user traffic.
  • They eliminate hacks and malware by offering tight security.
  • You get expert support from qualified and professional web hosts.
  • They offer automatic updates, daily backups, and downtime.


Vultr makes a great pick as a web host if you want to enhance your website performance. It offers high-performance SSD cloud servers to facilitate the work for developers. As it offers the fastest hosting, your website will have a fast loading time.

Founded in 2014, Vultr is scalable, affordable, and offers quick support. They are located in 19 data centers worldwide. Vultr offers products like

  • Cloud Compute
  • Object Storage
  • Bare Metal
  • Block Storage

Pros of Vultr

  • Vultr has an efficient and high-tech infrastructure. It offers fast CPU and computer cores that can handle work easily.
  • It provides an efficient control panel for product management. These control panels offer information on servers and flexible settings.
  • It offers a straightforward, user-friendly, and smooth user interface.
  • The pricing is both affordable and flexible with exclusive features.


CloudHosting.App is a Managed Cloud Provider allows you to store the website on multiple cloud servers and get resources from different places. If your website has fluctuating user traffic, then cloud hosting is a reliable hosting type. It offers scalability and flexibility to the websites.

CloudHosting.App helps you manage different cloud servers in one single portal with best price.

CloudHosting.App is also provided managed hosting of WordPress, WooCommmerce and Magento. Some of the best cloud hosting providers include in CloudHosting.App:

  • AWS
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Vultr
  • UpCloud
  • Digital Ocean
  • Linode

Pros of Cloud hosting

  • It increases the website performance as it works through multiple servers.
  • It allows immediate CPU and RAM up-gradation for better scalability.
  • Data monitoring helps to keep the data secure.
  • It offers incredible website speed, good stability and support.

All of these help increase your Elementor website speed.


AWS or Amazon Web Services hosting provides over 200 cloud-based products. It uses cloud hosting where multiple connected servers are needed. For web hosting, AWS offers different options, including AWS amplify and Amazon Lightsail.

AWS Amplify and Amazon S3 object storage is suitable for static websites. For standard websites, you can host through a VPS service called Amazon Lightsail. These are appropriate for websites with moderate user traffic.

For websites with extensive traffic and five or more servers, Amazon Elastic Cloud or EC2 is advisable. It is used by biggies like Lamborghini and Coursera. Some common cloud hosting providers that use AWS include

  • Bluehost
  • Hostinger
  • Dreamhost

Pros of AWS

  • It's easy-to-use and flexible.
  • It allows you to select a programming language, web application platform, database, etc.
  • It's low on cost as there are no contracts or up-front commitments.
  • It offers scalable, secure, and reliable global computing infrastructure.


Azure is an efficient tool that helps the business to control cloud computing and storage accounts. It manages relevant resources and templates to make your work effortless.

Through Azure, you can get space and resources on the server for web hosting. It helps businesses to collect and scale websites in a subscription.

It's available in different price ranges; however, these tiers are cost-effective. Currently, Azure is one of the fastest-growing infrastructures for web hosting.

Pros of Azure

  • It provides auto-scale capabilities as per your server to control the traffic.
  • It has staging deployment support where you can make changes in the staging server. Once satisfied, turn it live.
  • It offers backup support to keep all your data secured.
  • It uses modern technologies and the best resources to decrease the load time.
  • It provides multiple security mechanisms like Azure information protection and more for data security.

Others Comment Managed WordPress Hosting Providers

While the price varies, it lies between $10 to $400 monthly. Some of the common WP hosts include

2. Choose a High-Performing Web Server Application for Elementor Website Speed


Nginx is an open-source software used for different purposes, including web serving, caching, reverse proxying, media streaming, etc. It's used by renowned companies like Google, Adobe, and Facebook. It is created to provide high concurrency and low memory usage.

Nginx does not make new processes for particular web requests. However, it creates a series chain that can be shared with distinct connections.

Nginx provides a safe connection between the data centers and the outer network. As it could process numerous requests, the webserver is perfect for domains like search engines and e-commerce. It helps increase your Elementor website speed.

Pros of Nginx

  • It turns the dynamic content into static content.
  • It could manage multiple connections in one instance.
  • Nginx is resource and memory-saving.
  • It offers advanced design and a compatible configuration format.
  • It increases the website speed and also the search engine rankings.


OpenLitespeed is an efficient open-source HTTP server that could increase your website speed. It has all the similar features as that of LiteSpeed enterprise because the servers are maintained by the same team.

OpenLitespeed offers security, scalability, and speed in one place. It has an event-driven architecture with less overhead. You could keep your current hardware while using it.

OLS is also secured with an in-built admin interface (WebAdmin GUI). It provides both CyberPanel and control panel support.

Pros of OpenLitespeed

  • It is incredibly light in weight with minimal CPU and memory footprint.
  • It features ModSecurity v3 integration, Anti DDoS connection, and bandwidth Throttling, etc.
  • OLS offers an in-built full-page cache module that could be personalized.
  • Native SAPI for PHP increases the speed of PHP external applications by 50%.

3. Use a Lightweight Theme for Elementor Website Speed


GeneratePress is a WordPress theme that offers better stability, speed, and accessibility. It is light-weighted and has all the essentials to increase the website performance. The block editor or Gutenberg gives you the control for creating content.

One of the best things about GeneratePress theme is that it's responsive and uses HTML/CSS. The theme could be translated into about 25 languages or more.

Pros of GeneratePress

  • GeneratePress allows you to modify the font size, font family, logo, texts, and posts.
  • It is mobile responsive and integrated, and microdata
  • It allows you to import/export the entire theme or individual module settings.
  • GeneratePress provides 60+ color controls, five navigation locations, and five sidebar layouts.
  • You also get drop-down menus, nine widget areas, and dynamic typography.

Astra Theme:

For fast themes, Astra themes make a great pick. It is efficient for personal portfolios, business websites, blogs, and WooCommerce storefronts. Astra theme is integrated with and ready for Native AMP.

The exceptional features and readymade templates make it perfect for other page builders apart from Elementor. It involves Beaver Builder, Divi, SiteOrigin, etc. As it's light in weight, websites using the theme can load within 0.5 seconds.

Pros of Astra Theme

  • It is suitable for WooCommerce websites.
  • Astra theme is responsive, regularly updated, and extendible with premium add ons.
  • It is also RTL and translation-ready.
  • It allows you to customize the color, layout, background, header, footer, and other elements of a website.
  • From padded to boxed, Astra offers multiple site layouts.

Hello Theme (for Elementor Pro Users Only):

The Hello theme is built to deliver fast speed and better website performance. It is clean, lean, and created with non-intrusive code. The theme loads within ¼ seconds, providing an outstanding experience to the visitors.

The Hello theme is lighter with a size of 6 KB only. Its features contribute to better search engine ranking and lower bounce rates. It is updated and optimized regularly for better compatibility and website performance.

Pros of Hello Theme:

  • It is fully compatible and allows you to add functionalities.
  • Its responsive feature helps to customize the device.
  • The Hello theme is RTL supported and written in clean code.
  • It's perfect for WooCommerce.

4. Choose a Recommended Page Editor to increase Elementor website speed.


For fast web page designing, creation, and development, Elementor is the best choice. It allows you to edit and review the page during its live condition. Elementor is secured with the best design layouts, widgets, templates, and more.

It helps you to create a pixel-perfect website design through custom positions, margins, paddings, and more. Be it landing pages or eCommerce stores; you can build them all. Elementor helps to make websites with custom CSS, responsive designs, animation, etc.

Pros of Elementor:

  • It helps you create impressive layouts, unique structures, and functional websites.
  • It's cost-saving and a perfect alternative for creating top-notch websites.
  • It's easy-to-use and beginner-friendly.
  • It has additional features like live preview and drag-and-drop functionality.

Oxygen builder (For advanced users only):

Being an efficient page builder, Oxygen builder is integrated with revolutionary features. It allows you to customize the website designs and help with visual editing.

It also has ready-made designs to make the process easier. However, it has a blank installation if you want things according to your preferences. It offers exceptional features where you can edit the design of the elements from the same CSS class.

Oxygen builder has a structure panel where you can monitor the HTML element's structure. The drag and drop feature of Oxygen builder makes it more feasible for instant editing.

Pros of Oxygen Builder:

  • It provides 20 highly configurable WooCommerce elements to design the products for selling.
  • It allows you to create attractive website headers and holds a responsive design library.
  • It increases the website's speed and makes it more SEO-friendly.
  • It helps to make pop-ups.


Qubely is a complete Gutenberg block toolkit that allows you to make attractive web pages. It is an easy-to-use Gutenberg plugin with modern features like predefined sections, drag column resizing, shape divider, and more. Qubely is secured with the best styling options, customizable readymade sections, and dedicated blocks.

The free in-built template layout bundles are available in multiple categories for easy navigation. Be it organizations or freelancers, Qubely is the favorite of all for its exclusive features and fascinating designs.

Pros of GUTENBERG BLOCK + Qubely:

  • It is a smart layout builder that offers in-built animation and custom typography control.
  • It has unlimited google web fonts and system fonts.
  • It has numerous pre-designed sections that can be used as blocks on Gutenberg Editor.
  • It also has a shape divider, drag column resizer, and other responsive controls.

5. Reduce the image size:

In a typical page, images account for half of the file size. As a result, you must optimize your photos to increase the performance of your page. Determine the pixel value displayed in your theme and upload photos to match. If your theme only displays photos up to 800px, for example, uploading a 3000px image will be useless.

Image optimization procedures:

Image resizing: Resize the picture dimensions on your website to fit the theme's maximum width.

Compress photos: You can still shrink scaled images by compressing them. There are two forms of compression: Lossy (large file size reduction with some quality loss) and Lossless (no quality loss) (smaller size reduction with no loss in quality).

Automated images optimization plugins:

  1. ShortPixel
  2. Gumlet
  3. Smush Image Compression and Optimization

6. Compress the JS and CSS files:

Reduce the number of CSS and JS calls and the size of such files to enhance website speed. There are two methods for reducing the size and number of codes on your website without affecting its fundamental operation. They are,

  1. Minification – removes extra characters such as white space and line breaks.
  2. Concatenation is a technique for combining numerous files into a single file.

Plugin suggestion for Compress JS and CSS files:

A free plugin – Autoptimize can be used to implement these two strategies. Enable HTML, CSS, and JavaScript options to customize the plugin.

7. Make use of a CDN (Content Delivery Network):

A CDN assists in storing a copy of your website in multiple places around the world. This allows users to download your website from a location near them. Because the traffic is distributed across multiple locations, you may reduce latency while increasing page loading speed.

Recommendation CDN Plugin:

Cloudflare is a CDN plugin that comes in both free and paid editions. The free version is adequate for the majority of websites. Learn how to configure CloudFare with WordPress by clicking here.

8. Enable GZIP compression:

GZIP is used to compress files that are transmitted from your server to the visitor's browser. GZIP can reduce the size of your files by over 70%. GZIP's installation is fairly straightforward, and it aids in enhancing the website's loading speed. Some hosting companies allow you to use GZIP using cpanel.Recommended plugins

  1. Check and Enable GZIP compression
  2. WP Super Cache
  3. W3 Total Cache

Wrapping Up

That's how you speed up a slow Elementor website. Follow these steps to make your website more responsive and user-friendly.

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