How to add image from URL in WordPress?

If there is an image you want to include in your post but don’t want to have to download it and reupload it to your site, you can use the Images URL to embed a picture in your post. First, let’s find an image we want to use. Let’s say we want to to use this image here, just right click on the image and Select Copy Image URL. Depending on your browser, this may say something like Copy Image Location or Copy Image Address. Now when we go back to our editor, we can go to Add Media and there’s an option called Insert from URL.

Now you can right click in the Address box and Select Paste. This will bring up a thumbnail for our link. From here we can add some information about our image and adjust its post settings. When you are done, click Insert into Post. Now since the image is not actually on your server, you do not have full control over over it.

If anyone changes or deletes the image from the original server, your image will be affected. Here. Preview your post by hitting Preview or hit publish.

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