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Best Content Marketing SEO Tool: Rank Math Pro – Latest Review Tutorial Guide (2023)

Best Content Marketing SEO Tool: Rank Math Pro - Latest Review Tutorial Guide (2023) cover

How to make use of the Rank Math SEO plugin, as well as why you should.

It is impossible for you to afford to ignore the significance of utilizing a WordPress SEO plugin while you are working to optimize your website for search engines. Plugins are an integral component of WordPress's suite of search engine optimization capabilities. They will assist you with optimizing your website in a variety of different methods. Search engine optimization is essential for every website, regardless of whether it is a blog or a website for a company. The issue is that search engine optimization (SEO) may be rather difficult and time-consuming. Thankfully, there are search engine optimization plugins available for WordPress that may assist with a variety of activities that are necessary for effective SEO. Rank Math is almost certainly the greatest WordPress SEO plugin that is currently available. This plugin also comes in a premium version known as Rank Math Pro. The point of view of the developers of Rank Math is that their plugin is the SEO equivalent of a Swiss army knife for WordPress. You are going to require Rank Math Pro without a doubt.

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If you are searching for a robust SEO plugin that can automate many of the processes that are essential for optimizing your website, then RankMath Pro is definitely something you should consider investing in. The Rank Math Free plugin has a paid, enhanced version available called Rank Math Pro. It will bring some extra sophisticated capabilities in addition to those already present. This plugin provides functionality like as sophisticated automated picture SEO and automatic image descriptions, a keywords rank tracker, page speed tracking, and individual post SEO performance monitoring. In addition to that, it is compatible with Google Trends, which will assist you in monitoring the most recent tendencies in your sector, in addition to a variety of other capabilities. If you wish to use it for the websites of your clients, you will need to purchase either the Rank Math business plan or the Rank Math agency plan. The Rank Math pro plan is only available for unlimited usage on personal websites. Utilizing this plugin makes performing SEO analytics a breeze. In the part devoted to the pro aspects of Rank math, we will go into more detail about it. You have to read it in the context of either a comprehensively useful Rank math pro training guide or an article reviewing Rank math pro.

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What are the steps to installing the Rank Math SEO Plugin?

A fantastic search engine optimization (SEO) plugin for WordPress called Rank Math can help your website achieve a higher ranking in the pages of search engine results. The Rank Math SEO plugin requires very little effort to install; all you need to do is download it and select the installation procedure from within the WordPress admin..

To start install RankMath, Click the left side menu> Plujgin>and search rankMath, and you will see the plugin as below, then click Install Now and Active the plugin accordingly

Go to Rank Math, click its dashboard, and then choose the option that says "setup wizard" from the menu. The wizard will guide you through the process of setting up, and you will have the option to select from three different modes: simple mode, advanced mode, and custom mode. Because the settings vary depending on the mode, you will need to choose the one that works best with your website.

Configuration of RankMath – Step 1

Step 1: Select Suitable Configuration Method

You will find totally 3 modes in RankMath onboarding wizard, Easy mode, Advanced mode and Custom mode.

Easy mode – Rank Math is an amazing WordPress plugin for optimizing your website for search engines, but it might be a bit daunting for WordPress beginners. It contains a "Easy Mode" that resets most of the choices to their default values if you're unclear of what the settings imply or how to adjust them. This mode allows you to modify your website's SEO without having to worry about the more complicated options. According to industry best practices, the majority of settings are preset, so you don't have to worry about making a mistake. You only need to concentrate on making your website seem good and offering excellent content.

Advanced mode– Rank math is an excellent plugin for search engine optimization, but what if you want more control over the SEO parts of your site? Rank mathematics Advanced mode is the solution! This mode provides greater customization choices and allows you to modify every aspect of your website's SEO. This enables you to fine-tune your SEO efforts and guarantee that your website is as search-engine-friendly as possible.

Custom mode is a professional choice. It is for customers who are currently utilizing the Rank Math SEO plugin on other websites and wish to import their settings to a newly created website. Rank Math is also quite simple to use.

In advanced mode, the following options will appear at the top: (In simple mode, Sitemaps and Optimization will be unavailable.)

Step 2: Your Site

Select your website's kind. It is vital to choose the correct style so that Rank Math can add the necessary information. This will aid Google in determining whether a website represents a person or a business so that it may use the information in the knowledge graph.

Configuration of RankMath – Step 2

You may also upload the Google logo from this page. It will display with other information on your website in the knowledge graph. You may also set the default social sharing picture for your website as a backup thumbnail. When you share a post or page on Facebook that does not contain a featured picture or an OpenGraph image collection, the fallback thumbnail will be displayed.

Step 3: Analytics

Utilizing this function will result in several advantages for your website. In rank math, it is simple to see Google search console data. Connecting your Rank Math account to the Google search console, for instance, will allow you to track your keyword rankings, while connecting it to Google Analytics will allow you to monitor your website's performance and connecting it to your Google Adsense account will provide you with detailed information about your AdSense data, etc. It might give extra data that can assist you enhance the SEO of your website. You must initially link this plugin to your Rank Math account.

Configuration of RankMath – Step 3

Step 4: Sitemaps

Using this part, you may generate an XML sitemap. Additionally, you may specify which types of content (posts, photos, pages, taxonomies, etc.) to include in the sitemap.

Configuration of RankMath – Step 4

Step 5: SEO Tweaks

One of the numerous advantages of utilizing Rank Math is the ability to automate certain SEO chores. You may make external links nofollow and redirect attachment pages, among other options. Empty Category and Tag Archives that are temporarily noindexed are automatically indexed when content is uploaded to thin pages. This can help you save time and improve your SEO results.

Configuration of RankMath – Step 5

Step 6 (Final Step): Enable Auto Plugin Update

Here you may activate automatic updates for the Rank math plugin.

Configuration of RankMath – Step 6

If you're using an out-of-date version of the Rank Math SEO plugin, it's possible that your website isn't getting the most out of its potential. If you are not already utilizing the most recent version of Rank math, you should update immediately to take advantage of these enhancements. It is necessary to update to the most recent version of Rank Math in order to take advantage of the most recent features and ensure that your website adheres to the most recent Google rules.

Extra Configuration options in Advanced Mode of RankMath onboarding wizard.

Role manager

You may provide select users with the authority to manage various features of the rank math plugin. You may also determine which users have access to particular Rank Math SEO plugin features. This functionality is useful for agencies and multi-user WordPress sites that require varying degrees of access to the plugin settings for different users.

404+ Monitor and Redirection

The 404 error monitor examines all of your website's links and alerts you if any of them are broken. This is an excellent tool for locating and repairing broken links.

A feature of the plugin is redirecting broken links to functional ones. This is important when a website has relocated, merged, or erased pages and the previous links no longer function. The Rank Math plugin makes it simple to repair broken links and boost a website's SEO.

Schema markup

It will generate schema for your posts and pages automatically and also allow you to define your own schema.

When you install RankMath plugin, its setup wizard will enable you to add schema types for your posts, pages, and products:
Schema markup (by is a defined language that you can add to your website's HTML to assist search engines comprehend your content and perhaps reflect that in SERPs (search engine results pages).

Why must you register for Free rank math?

Please establish a free rank math account if you have not already. It is a crucial component of this procedure. There are several advantages to registering for a free rank math account. Some of the most significant rank math features, such as Google keyword ideas, free content AI credit, in-depth SEO analysis, and the option to link to a Google services account, cannot be accessed without an account (Google search console, Google Analytics, and Google AdSense account). You will not be able to utilize the rank math analytics tool, nor will you be able to add analytics code without the aid of another plugin.

Connect your RankMath plugin with your RankMath account

You must connect your website to Rankmath's website to receive these benefits. CREATE NOW, USE LATER- free Rank Math account > CREATE NOW, USE LATER.

Login your RankMath Account with SSO (Support Google, Facebook and

Rank Math Pro Functions

The Rank Math SEO plugin comes with a multitude of useful functions. In this part, we will simply discuss a few of the key elements for which the Rank Math Pro plan provides additional benefits. These benefits are exclusive of the additional pro features of Rank math. A Rankmath SEO professional will rank your website. This plugin generates SEO reports that are simply understood. This section will discuss rank math pro versus free features in greater detail.

Content AI – Only in RankMath Pro & RankMath Business

It is an exclusive feature of the Rank math plugin.

Content AI from Rank Math optimizes your content for search engines. It evaluates your content with the focus keywords and provides recommendations in the form of Keyword, question, and link ideas to improve your content for a higher ranking. You may utilize them in your body copy, headers, title, and description. About and mentions schema accessible for users of Rank math pro. This may be added easily to your external connections. It assists search engines in comprehending your material.

Image from

How to enable Content AI In RankMath PRO

To start using Content AI, go to RankMath Dashboard > Modules > Turn on the AI module for content Then, pick the default country and post types to which you wish to apply Content AI by clicking Settings. Additionally, you may modify it from the Editor dashboard.

5 Highlighted Features in Content AI

  1. Dynamic Ideas – Receive intelligent suggestions depending on the language of your focus term and your target country. Recommendations vary dependent on your targeting.
  2. Intelligent suggestions – It might be difficult to determine the optimal length of the material or the number of headers. The Content AI is uncomplicated since it informs you just how many words to write, what headers to employ, how many links to include, and the media to integrate. Everything is accomplished in a fraction of a second.
  3. Keywords – Unsure of which additional keywords to include or where to use them? Text AI will assist you in determining which phrases and words to use in your content, headers, and SEO meta data.
  4. Questions – With the press of a button, you can construct a fully-functional, Schema-compliant FAQ section containing the questions you should answer for your audience. This is possible in Gutenberg, Elementor, and Divi, and support for further editors is forthcoming.
  5. Links – Using the intelligent link recommendations, you may add trustworthy citations to your material to improve its exposure on the Search Engine Result Pages.

In addition, it delivers Google trends records according to the specified keywords. By clicking the trend symbol that appears next to the content AI icon. The Google trends feature is exclusive to Rank math Pro users.

Google trends tool combination with rank math pro

A scorecard relating to your content will be shown. Utilizing suggestions (Keywords, Questions, and Links) in your material can boost your score. Also explore proposals for Word count, link count, header count, and media count.

Green (81-100) (81-100) Your content is optimized effectively.

Yellow (51-80) (51-80) It's acceptable, but you need to focus on optimization.

Red (0-50) (0-50) Very bad optimization.

Is Rank Math more superior to Yoast?

If you are searching for a WordPress SEO plugin to assist you with some of the most typical duties associated with optimizing your site for SEO, both Yoast SEO and Rank Calc have their advantages. The UI of Rank math is relatively straightforward and user-friendly. Compared to the Yoast SEO plugin, it provides additional unique and beneficial SEO capabilities.

To have deeper review between these 2 SEO plugins, please check our blog: Top 3 SEO plugins for WordPress you must use: SEOPress, Yoast or Rank Math?

Rank Math Pro evaluation

I had been using Yoast SEO for some time, but decided to give Rank Math a try after reading several positive reviews. I'm so happy I made the change! Rank Math is by far the greatest WordPress SEO plugin. It is user-friendly and includes several capabilities that Yoast lacks. Moreover, it's free! I would suggest Rank Math to anyone searching for an excellent WordPress SEO plugin.

Having used Rank Math for a few months, I can certainly declare that it is the greatest WordPress SEO plugin. The pro version of rank math is even superior. It offers numerous capabilities that other plugins lack and is simple to use. If you take SEO seriously, you need this plugin.

If you want to learn every details during RankMath configuration, please check our blog: Ultimate SEO Guide in WordPress – with RankMath Pro Tutorial, Pro-Tips & Secrets


In conclusion, the Rank Math Pro plugin is an excellent tool for enhancing the SEO of your website. It is unquestionably worth the cost, and we strongly suggest it to anybody seeking to boost their website's rating. Additionally, we would like to thank the official Rank math team for allowing us to utilize the demo website's information for illustrative reasons.

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