Mautic Marketing Automation Monetized Your WordPress Site

Mautic Marketing Automation Monetized Your WordPress Site

What Is Mautic?

An open-source marketing automation software is known as Mautic. It is software that assists online businesses to automatize their monotonous marketing tasks like lead scoring, contact segmentation, lead generation, marketing campaigns, and so on. Mautic marketing is a versatile, flexible, and open tool. Moreover, this software is built by keeping the current marketers in mind.

This software plays a vital role in enhancing the target audience. Moreover, it also helps sales and marketing groups bring open-source marketing automation back to the center of their pile. In addition to this, it also provides them with extensive power to build a more customized experience for your audience around all the digital channels and platforms.

Mautic Marketing

Get help with Mautic Marketing Automation

Mautic can be a useful substitute for your marketing automation service and current email as it is an open-source marketing automation application. It enables setting up automation sequences and productive emails while securing all your information private. Today, most people use mautic for all their marketing automation campaigns.

Mautic Marketing automation is one of the best marketing automation applications. There is no requirement for a monthly subscription because it is an open-source solution. It consists of only hosting and support. Moreover, Mautic is hosted with the help of your virtual private server(VPS). It implies that a third-party provider can’t use and resell your data. Here are some points that will help you:

  • Strong marketing automation aspects that can opponent the most costly SaaS services.
  • CRM traits like lead-scoring and stages.
  • For landing page builder and form.
  • Send mail by a plethora of services, consisting of Sendgrid, Amazon SES, elastic mail, Sparkpost, Mailjet, custom SMTP servers.
  • Data possession. It is hosted on your server as you own the data.
  • Cost savings, in comparison to CRM services and mainstream automation.
  • Simple onboarding.

Mautic Features

Following are the 11 mautic feature:

Lead Management

Mautic Marketing assists businesses in handling their leads. Moreover, some efficient Mautic features that help in this are Lifecycle Stages, Custom Fields, Tags.

Multi-Channel Campaigns

With the help of Mautic, you can make multi-channel email marketing campaigns. These types of campaigns are easy to understand, build as well as execute. To grow their contacts uniformly, brands can use these campaigns. It is the most important feature of Mautic.

Contact Segmentation

Contact segmentation is one of the favorites and best features of Mautic. Moreover, with the help of Mautic marketing, you can do contact segmentation. All this can be executed by using tags, custom fields, Mautic filters.

Focus Item

This feature helps in shifting the focus of the audience to an individual link, product and page. Moreover, you can also show pop-ups on your site. These pop-ups can be lead to notice, product page links, and capturing forms. In order to take any action on your website, they prompt users.

Contact Scoring

You have several contacts in your list, however not all will be ready to buy. In this type of situation, you can utilize the mautic feature known as contact scoring. If you take action, then contact scoring will help to assign scores to the contacts. The activities consist of submitting a form, visiting a landing page, opening an email, etc. Experience with high scores can change very easily.

Page Builder

This feature assists you in creating landing pages. Dropping and dragging items here and there is the only thing you have to do; page builder does not need any effort. Moreover, you need to choose the title, theme, category, alias, etc., and start building your landing page.

Email Builder

It is not a difficult job to build emails with the help of Mautic. This is because Mautic has an email builder feature that allows you to make emails by dropping and dragging elements the same as landing pages. Moreover, you can also utilize the emails that you have built-in campaigns and all other activities.

Mautic Forms

It is a significant feature of Mautic. This Mautic forms feature allows you to create forms to get user data. Same as emails, there are two types of Mautic forms:

  1. Standalone Form
  2. Campaign Form

User Activity Tracking

If you know your user action on your website, this Mautic feature is beneficial. To understand users’ dislikes and likes, you can check their page visits, activities and so on.

Dynamic Content

For creating a great and customized experience for the users, the dynamic content feature is used in emails. Moreover, in Mautic, there are two types of (DWC) Dynamic Web Content:

  1. Filter-Based
  2. Campaign Based

Cross-Platform Integration

Mautic can be joined with other several platforms. Moreover, this feature provides users with the privileged to join it with the tools they utilize for their business. Several third-party plugins give integration of Mautic with social media, eCommerce platforms, and so on. There is one famous Mautic integration with WooCommerce that is a thorough marketing automation kit. This marketing automation kit for businesses and start-ups across, which assists you to send your customer data in real-time and connect WooCommerce stores with the help of Mautic.

These mautic features will eliminate the difficult efforts that you make in your business. Therefore, Mautic simplifies your regular jobs, providing you more time to concentrate on works that give better outcomes.

Mautic Marketing

How Mautic monetized your WordPress site

We understand monetization is essential for several site proprietors. Therefore, WordPress helps you in various techniques of monetizing to overcome the hard work you set into your websites and blogs.

The Mautic plugin is a simple process for businesses of all sizes to make personalized emails, design custom landing pages, track marketing campaigns and design intuitive customer workflows. In addition to this, Mautic also allows companies to get necessary contact information, improve and repeat campaigns and work on the issues.

By combining Mautic into their WordPress site, users can segment consumers and handle nurture, leads, and track contacts.

Is Mautic Trusted And Established?

You need to understand Mautic has a great track longevity/record in the marketing automation market before investing your money and time with mautic. Mautic is known as the best marketing automation.

Mautic is trusted and was established in 2007. Moreover, its head office in Boston has been in operation for 14 years. You don’t need to worry about anything as it is reliable and trusted software.

Mautic + WordPress hosting plan on Managed-WP

Mautic + WordPress together play nicely. They both are open sources, free, and extremely strong. With no need for money, you can handle your website and get success with the help of Mautic and WordPress. This is because WordPress manages your website, and Mautic runs your marketing. They both are a great combination for your website.

Handle all your domains, email accounts, and orders without difficulties. Then set up your Cloud Hosting, plan on managed-WP in a few minutes, and acquire your website on the cloud. In addition to this, Mautic Cloud Hosting service is free to some of the contacts; after that, it has some expense structure.

Mautic Frequently Asked Questions

When was Mautic founded?

In 2007 Mautic was founded.

How much does Mautic cost?

Mautic cost plans start at $20 and go up to $800; it all depends on the project.

What type of software is Mautic?

Mautic is marketing automation software.

Does Mautic give Pros & Cons?

Mautic does not provide a free trial.

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