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SureCart is the best alternative to WooCommerce that allows WordPress site owners to sell their goods and services in 2023

SureCart is the best alternative to WooCommerce that allows WordPress site owners to sell their goods and services in 2023 cover

SureCart is a new solution that lets you collect payments on your WordPress website. It is ideal for individuals who offer digital things such as memberships, downloads, courses, and even services.

It is a substitute for WooCommerce, the plugins for building forms in WordPress, and the SaaS solutions such as ThriveCart and SamCart…

SureCart has a number of benefits to give shoppers in contrast to the following three probable alternatives:

  1. A free version of SureCaart that is loaded with features, it supports Subscription payment, OneTime Payment;
  2. it can be connected to WordPress and managed straight from the WordPress interface, similar to WooCommerce, but it is far lighter and easier to maintain than WooCommerce.
  3. It is as simple as Gravity Forms and FluentForms, but it has more extensive tools for managing customers and accepting payments. It enables you to accept various payment types (single, subscription and instalments).
  4. It includes many features comparable to those given by services like ThriveCart and SamCart, but it is perfectly integrated into WordPress. As a result, you will be able to provide your consumers with a more streamlined purchasing experience.

On September 6, 2022, following a period of testing that lasted for a few of months, SureCart was made available to the general public and its official release was announced.

Creating an account with SureCart to receive the API Key and integrating the service to your Stripe and/or PayPal account can be accomplished in a relatively short amount of time and is the primary focus of the initial configuration of SureCart.

SureCart is not only a WordPress plugin; rather, it functions because of the services provided by its platform. The plugin is essentially a means to utilize and administer these services from the WordPress dashboard.

It is therefore a headless e-commerce solution in which payments are managed and processed by SureCart servers without burdening the server hosting the WordPress website.

Creating a product with SureCart is incredibly easy, and for each product, you can define a variety of payment options, such as a one-time payment, payments in instalments, a subscription, or a custom payment method. The final version also supports promotional coupons. You can add a product cover image and files to be made downloadable after purchase via the product configuration.

Creating the checkout forms is also a very straightforward process. You have the option of generating a global checkout in addition to individual checkouts for each individual product. In addition, by utilizing the buy links, it is possible to create unique links that enable customers to be redirected to the checkout page with the product already included in the shopping cart.

SureCart also takes care of the many different VAT taxes and laws, enabling a granular setup and taking into consideration the requirements of businesses that are located in the European Union.

This solution will also provide integrations with a wide variety of WordPress plugins, such as LearnDash, MemberPress, and LifterLMS, in addition to connectors with external services, such as ActiveCampaign, Circle, Zoom, and Twilio. For the time being, I have only seen the connection with LearnDash; however, SureCart should be formally released by the end of June, and as a result, it will be possible to review it in a more thorough manner at that time.

You are also able to sell physical things with SureCart, despite the fact that the primary emphasis appears to be placed on the sale of digital products and services.

The use of SureCart will initially be free, but paid subscriptions for additional, premium features will be available. I am unsure as to whether or not the plans will include a commission on the sales made. I don't believe that to be the case, however the costs associated with the service have not yet been disclosed.

The initial reactions to SureCart have been favorable, and it appears as though it will be a solution that will be well received by a large number of users who either never wanted to rely on WooCommerce or no longer wish to do so and who want to be able to manage the sales of their products with greater ease and flexibility services.

What makes SureCart better than WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a great way to make online shops, and you can sell anything with it. However, not everyone should use it because of this. In fact, it needs a lot of extra plugins to handle subscriptions, make custom funnels, and change how the checkout looks.

In fact, this is how solutions like WooCommerce are set up by default.

They make it possible to sell a lot of different things that can be put in the shopping cart. Then you pay at a single cashier and end up on a "thank you" or "order confirmation" page.

But many people have different needs, so the purchase funnel needs to be different for each product or service.

Products like SureCart, as well as services like ThriveCart and SamCart, make it much simpler to satisfy demands like these.

In order to accomplish the same thing with WooCommerce, you would, at the very least, need to install plugins such as FunnelKit or CartFlows. In addition, there are further plugins that may manage subscriptions, payments in instalments, etc.

To be clear, using WooCommerce enables you to obtain incredible solutions in terms of functionality. On the other hand, using WooCommerce is unquestionably more challenging for individuals who either do not have the skills necessary or who have no interest in managing the various gears of a complex system.

Another option is to utilize WordPress plugins to take payments, such as Paymattic(WPPayForm) and FluentForm. SureCart, on the other hand, provides a more robust e-commerce solution than plugins created to manage forms.

Because of this, SureCart is a welcome addition to the market. I am excited to learn more about the variety and level of compatibility that will be offered between this solution and other options. I am going to reserve my opinion for the time being.

By registering at, you will be able to get an email informing you when SureCart is finally made accessible to the public.

Use case: SureMembers and TutorLMS integrated with SureCart: Build your own Coursera and edX

SureCart has already announced the launch of a multitude of additional features. SureMembers will be the one that allows you to secure your website's content, whereas TutorLMS is geared for online classes. Despite the fact that it has previously been declared that initially it would not be a true Learning Management System.

SureTriggers – Automate your Workflow Within WordPress

SureTriggers, bundled 3 years license with SureCart in Black Friday 2022, allows you to connect your WordPress site to a large number of other services and plugins, to provide its users with a comprehensive solution.

SureCart integrates natively with plugins such as LearnDash, MemberPress, and AffiliateWP. With SureTriggers, it will be possible to integrate with services such as ActiveCampaign, Zoom, Google Sheets, ConvertKit, MailChimp, Twilio, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Facebook, as well as plugins such as Easy Digital Downloads, Elementor, FluentCRM, GravityForms, Restrict Content Pro, The Events Calendar, Wishlist Member, WooCommerce, and many more to come. According to what has been stated, it appears that the number of integrations will increase significantly.

Currently, SureTriggers is in beta. In addition to the paid versions, a free version of this tool has already been announced.

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