Are You Struggling With Image Alt Text For SEO and Accessibility? Try This New Tool!

Creating alt text for all your images manually can be a real time suck. But how else are you supposed to maximize your SEO and make your site accessible? Luckily, I’ve found an AI tool that automates the process for you – and right now you can get a lifetime license for a huge discount.

Introducing This nifty tool uses artificial intelligence to analyze your images and generate highly relevant and accurate alt text. It works by uploading images individually or in bulk, and within seconds provides alt text optimized for both search engines and users.

Some key features that make a must-have:

  • Generate alt text for unlimited images with no monthly limit. Perfect for sites with large image libraries.
  • Integrates seamlessly with major platforms like WordPress, Shopify, and others via plugins and APIs.
  • Automatic alt text incorporates SEO keywords you specify to boost rankings.
  • For ecommerce sites, it includes product and brand names to describe images.
  • Comes with extensions for Chrome and Firefox to generate alt text on the fly.

Rather than spending hours manually adding alt text to all your images, let handle it for you. You’ll save time and see improved SEO performance. During this limited-time deal, you can get a lifetime license for only $29 – that’s an incredible 68% off the regular price!

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