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CDNs will boost your load speed and, as a result, your rankings.

CDN improves page speed and the quality of content delivered to users. While CDN can significantly improve load time distribution, it should be viewed as an extension of your existing load time strategy.

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Performance is important, and we want to take it to the next level. boosts your web presence with powerful features designed for efficient global caching and content optimization, allowing you to squeeze out every last millisecond of performance.

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Take advantage of robust security features that allow you to control who can access your content when they can access it, and for how long. Stop malicious bots and attacks before they reach your server. ensures your safety at all times.

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Features Included in ALL MANAGED-WP.™ PRO Plans

ALL MANAGED-WP.™ PRO plans include unlimited CDN bandwidth to see ranking improvements in search engines like Google and Bing.

  • Image Optimization
  • GEO Blocking
  • Perma-Cache
  • Request Coalescing
  • Customizable Caching
  • 80 Tbps+ Backbone
  • 100 PoPs
  • Automatic-Healing
  • 3000+ PNIs

Frequently Asked Questions

A content delivery network (CDN) is a geographically distributed group of servers that collaborate to deliver Internet content quickly.

A CDN enables the rapid transfer of assets required for Internet content loading, such as HTML pages, javascript files, stylesheets, images, and videos. CDN services are becoming increasingly popular, and the majority of web traffic is now served via CDNs, including traffic from major sites such as Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon.

A properly configured CDN may also aid in the defense of websites against common malicious attacks such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS).

TTFB, or time to first byte, is the amount of time it takes for a client to receive its first byte of data from the web server after sending an HTTP request. During this time, the following operations occur:

  • DNS lookup: determining the web server’s IP address by resolving the domain
  • Handshake for SSL: Creating the encrypted connection
  • Processing on the web server: The web server’s processing of the request
  • TCP Answer: The first data packet was sent using the TCP protocol.

This normally takes less than a second. Typical TTFB values range between 200 and 500 milliseconds. If the TTFB is greater than 500 ms, there could be several reasons for this. For instance:

  • High latencies between DNS servers
  • Increased load on the web server
  • Issues with the web server’s infrastructure (hardware/software)

High latencies might arise when the distance between the user’s location and the DNS server resolves the domain name or the server. The location of the website’s target audience should be considered while selecting a data centre.

It is critical to have a clear grasp of the term “latency” in this context: It describes how a data packet travels from the web server to the user (computer, smartphone, etc.). Because TTFB only counts the arrival of the first byte, bandwidth – that is, how many data packets may be transmitted over this connection – is irrelevant to the measurement.

While a CDN is an inexpensive approach to speed up applications, the way your network and origin web server are configured can still have an impact on performance. Adding a CDN to your infrastructure is guaranteed to increase reliability and performance, but the magnitude of the benefits depends on your own web application server. Slowness can occur with any online application if specific configurations and resources available from the origin server are not taken into account.

Below are the major factors that affect site speed:

  • Insufficient Hardware Resources
  • Slow Network Resources
  • Third-Party Software Installations
  • Misconfiguration of Cache Settings

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, you want the best photographs available for your website. Your website’s images can elicit an emotional response from visitors, deliver your content swiftly, bridge language boundaries, and enhance engagement.

Images can assist illustrate your message, but other websites may be overly photo-heavy. In fact, regardless of the type of site you have, photographs will account for the majority of its page weight. This can be a problem for some since, while high-quality photos are important to their success, the more images a site has, the slower it will load.

Large page sizes are detrimental for page speed, which is an important statistic in search engine optimization (SEO). Finding strategies to improve picture load times without losing quality or overall effect will allow you to have the best of both worlds – images that look amazing and load quickly.

To test the page speed after CDN enablement, you may visit below evaluation tools:

Google PageSpeed Insights – Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool examines all potential sources of speed issues on your website and recommends strategies to improve your ratings. Look through the list of reported issues for items that are especially linked to photos.

GTMetrix – GTMetrix will assign your website an overall score that will give you an idea of how quickly your visitors will see your site. Look in the Structure tab for image-specific warnings that you may fix.

Pingdom – Pingdom is very handy for websites with worldwide readership because you can configure your testing server’s location and evaluate performance from around the world. It also includes a useful content percentage chart; scroll down to check what proportion of the page pictures are now represented by photos.

It all depends! Some keywords are more difficult to rank for than others, depending on your competition. We almost always guarantee that your website will be ranked for search terms that will drive relevant traffic to it. Your SEO Manager will conduct extensive research to identify keywords where you can make the most progress, and will provide estimates for when the ranking will be achieved.

First of all, all our Managed-WP.™ PRO plans come with FREE and unlimited CDN bandwidth powered by BunnyCDN. It is automatically deployed when you start your WordPress site in our portal. That’s the main reason to choose us as your site partner. Secondly, our team is from Dayella LTD, a leading Marketing and Technologies company in HK and UK, and has extensive industry knowledge. We seek long-term partnerships with clients who are serious about ranking and developing a content strategy. You can now relax and let us handle everything, allowing you to focus on your business.

You both can and should. Images can be compressed manually or using a supplemental plugin before submission. Before providing your images to a visitor, a competent image CDN will compress them, convert them to efficient formats like WebP, and provide a variety of sizes suitable for different viewports – all automatically and behind the scenes.

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