Stay Protected: Critical Vulnerability Patched in Popular WordPress Caching Plugin

Stay Protected: Critical Vulnerability Patched in Popular WordPress Caching Plugin cover

A serious vulnerability was recently discovered in the popular LiteSpeed Cache WordPress plugin that could have exposed over 4 million websites to potential hacking and malware attacks. Thankfully, the vulnerability has now been patched, but the incident serves as an urgent reminder for all WordPress users to stay vigilant about security.

The vulnerability, which was reported to LiteSpeed back in August, related to improper sanitization of user-submitted data. This could have allowed hackers to inject malicious scripts into vulnerable websites. According to Wordfence, who discovered the vulnerability, "Once a script is injected into a page or post, it will execute each time a user accesses the affected page.”

Though exploiting the vulnerability required hacker access to contributor accounts, the potential impact was massive. Successful attacks could have led to info theft, content manipulation, admin access, defacements, and more criminal behavior.

The good news is that LiteSpeed Cache users can breathe easy again now that version 5.7 has patched the flaw. However, those running older versions must update immediately. You can view the Wordfence advisory for full technical details.

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