Introducing WordPress 6.4: What’s New and Why Managed Hosting Matters

Introducing WordPress 6.4: What's New and Why Managed Hosting Matters cover

WordPress 6.4 is right around the corner, bringing exciting new features like Block Hooks, design tools, UI improvements, and more. As tempting as it is to rush into upgrading, it's important to consider how a WordPress update may impact your site's performance and security. This is where the benefits of managed WordPress hosting really shine.

At, our experts handle everything WordPress – from upgrades to optimizations – so you can focus on your business. Here's a look at some of the key features coming in WordPress 6.4 and how our managed services ensure you get the most out of them:

Block Hooks – This lets plugins automatically insert blocks in specific positions. Our optimized servers and stacks make sure related performance impacts are minimized.

Enhanced Patterns – Patterns are now easier to organize with categories for simplified access. Our support team can help you leverage patterns for improved site building.

New Default Theme – Twenty Twenty-Four offers tons of templates to streamline editing. With, get guidance on customizing the theme for your brand.

Design Tools – From background images to color controls, new options arrive. Our team helps you enable and use them effectively.

UI Improvements – An upgraded Command Palette and more polished interfaces improve usability. We'll make sure they work flawlessly on your site.

Loading Performance – Faster script loading and template strategies bolster speed. Our specialized stacks and CDNs amplify the benefits.

With 250K+ customers trusting us for their WordPress hosting, you can feel confident upgrading to 6.4 with Reach out to learn more about our managed WordPress plans designed to optimize performance, security, and usability. The friendly, 24/7 support and complete WordPress management we provide takes the stress out of leveraging new features like those arriving in WP 6.4.

Don't just upgrade to the latest version and hope for the best – get on your side for a smooth, optimized update!

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