Tell me more about Elementor Pro account details.

To use the Elementor Pro plugin on your WordPress website, you will need to have an active Elementor Pro account. Here are the details you will need for your account:

  1. Email address: You will need to provide a valid email address that will be associated with your Elementor Pro account.
  2. Username and password: You will need to choose a username and password to access your account. These credentials will be used to log in to your Elementor account.
  3. License key: To activate Elementor Pro on your WordPress website, you will need to enter your license key. This key is unique to your account and is used to verify that you have a valid license to use the plugin.
  4. Payment details: If you are purchasing a paid subscription to Elementor Pro, you will need to provide payment details such as a credit card or PayPal account.

Once you have created your Elementor Pro account and provided your account details, you will be able to download the Elementor Pro plugin zip file and install it on your WordPress website. You can then enter your license key to activate the plugin and start using its advanced features and functionality.